Our Story

Serving Nelson since 2015

A passion for seafood

Cod & Lobster Brasserie was established by Nelson couple, Nick and Kymberly Widley, in 2015. With a passion for seafood, cocktails and quality dining, Nick and Kymberly were inspired to create a business that utilised fresh regional fare with a cosmopolitan twist, whilst also catering to a wide variety of people.


Nick is a keen fisherman who began his chef training in the UK over ten years ago, he has a penchant for creating boundary-pushing cocktails and prefers to be front-of-house entertaining their guests.

Kymberly comes from a family whose legacy spans four generations of fishermen, her Father being one of the early cray fishers of Fiordland who went on to export live NZ Red Rock Lobster, Kymberly and Nick are meticulous with their attention to detail and share a passion for entertaining that comes together to create unforgettable experiences at Cod & Lobster.

The family still enjoy a seafaring lifestyle, which is why their passion for seafood is an integral part of the Cod & Lobster legacy.

A culture of innovation

Cod & Lobster Brasserie’s point of difference is underpinned by a skilled, experienced and passionate team who are encouraged to create innovative options that are normally aligned with larger cities.

“It is all about the little things”

We are proud to support our local businesses and New Zealands fishing industry, with locally sourced produce.